Trust in the Serbian media is at 20%, the lowest in Europe

“Trust in the media in Serbia is the lowest in Europe and amounts to only 20%,” said Professor Snjezana Milivojevic of the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade, speaking about the results of the study called “News in Digital Environment”.

Noting that people in Serbia, according to other research, are very critical of the media, Milivojevic said that people are much more concerned about the lies told by political parties and state officials than about the lies expressed on social networks or media.

There are very clear generational differences in the approach and use of the media, with close to 20% of the online audience not following traditional media at all.

“In terms of consumers of online and traditional media content, 15% are more oriented towards online media, which means that a third of the Serbian public transits through the digital environment,” said Milivojevic.

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As for those media which dominate in the online information world, social networks remain the main sources of news, followed by news websites and television. For 90% of Internet users, the mobile phone is the primary device for accessing news.

In the general population, this figure is around 76%, which means that the same percentage of people watch TV or use a mobile phone to obtain information.

“The research was carried out in July, when the number of people actively avoiding news increased to 50%, showing information fatigue and dissatisfaction with the quality of the news,” Milivojevic concluded.

(Nova, 28.10.2020)




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