Trump’s letter to Thaci:”I will be host to you and Vucic at the White House to celebrate historic accord”

US President Donald Trump wrote in a letter to Kosovo President Hashim Thaci that Washington was ready to help Kosovo in its efforts to reach an agreement that would respect the interests of both Kosovo and Serbia.

Trump expressed his satisfaction with the talks he had with Thaci in Paris, following the marking of the Armistice Day, and pointed out that Kosovo was a key partner of Washington for the preservation of peace and stability in Europe.

In the letter, Trump has welcomed Thaci’s “current reconciliation efforts with Serbia”, noting that “failure to capitalise on this unique opportunity would be a tragic setback, as another chance for a comprehensive peace is unlikely to occur again soon.”

“I urge you and the leaders of Kosovo to seize this unique moment, speak with a unified voice during the peace talks and refrain from actions that would make an agreement more difficult to achieve,” the US president wrote.

“The United States has invested heavily in the success of Kosovo as an independent, sovereign state. We want your country to continue to grow”, Trump continues to write and adds:”We  stand ready to assist your efforts to reach an agreement that balances the interests of both Kosovo and Serbia. Such an agreement is within reach. I look forward to hosting you and President Aleksandar Vucic in the White House to celebrate what would be a historic accord.”

(Blic, 18.12.2018)

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