Trump: Western Balkans still pose a threat to the US

US President Donald Trump extended a warning from 2001 about the Western Balkans as a threat to his state and notified the Congress that the warning should remain in place, the Beta news agency reported.

President George W. Bush first sent the message of the National Emergency with Respect to the Western Balkans on June 26, 18 years ago, which was renewed in 2003 due to problems in the then Macedonia.

The latest White House’s statement, signed by Trump, said that “extremist violence and obstructions stated in the executive order from 2001 as hostile to the American interests still present an unusual and big threat to the US national security and foreign policy.”

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“The threat constituted by the actions of persons engaged in, or assisting, sponsoring, or supporting (i) extremist violence in the former Republic of Macedonia (what is now the Republic of North Macedonia) and elsewhere in the Western Balkans region, or (ii) acts obstructing implementation of the Dayton Accords in Bosnia or United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 of June 10, 1999, in Kosovo, has not been resolved,” the statement said.

“For this reason, I have determined that it is necessary to continue the national emergency with respect to the Western Balkans,” Trump said.

It was the former US President, George Bush who issued the first warning in relation to the Western Balkans on June 26th, 2001. It was amended in 2003 to include additional steps regarding the obstruction of the application of the Ohrid Agreement in the then Macedonia.

(Nedeljnik, 19.06.2019)



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