Trivan: Selling water resources is a national catastrophe

Selling drinking water resources is tantamount to national catastrophe – says Serbian Environmental Protection Minister, Goran Trivan, and adds that Serbia needs to find ways to regain ownership over the sold drinking water sources.

„Drinking water is the most precious resource on the planet, and anybody in possession of its sources will either contribute to survival of their nation, or disappearance. So, selling drinking water resources can be likened to a national catastrophe and I think that we should work on regaining ownership over water resources that have already been sold”, Trivan says for the Politika daily.

He also warns that Serbia doesn’t have endless quantities of drinking water or too many  sources and reserves.

Commenting on how polluted drinking water sources are, and the sale of these sources to foreign entities in the last decade, Trivan blames that we are yet to feel the detrimental effects of privatizing these resources.

“We are on the brink of a water shortage era. Climate changes are evident, we are battling floods and drought, and all of this combined has a negative effect on drinking water resources. Those people who sold our sources actually sold a national resource that is exceptionally important for our survival”, Trivan points out.

He also hopes that Serbia will take accession negotiations about chapter 27 (environment and climate change) seriously.

“If the quality of air that you breathe and water that you drink is not good enough, there is no survival. This is also a very complicated issue legally-wise. One third of the EU’s Acquis is dedicated to these issues”, Trivan adds.

When asked how much money Serbia needs to properly regulate this segment, Trivan says that the country needs to spend around 15 billion euros in raising the quality of environment and its protection.

(Sputnik News, 27.08.2017)



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