Trifunovic:”Srebrenica genocide should never happen again”

The head of the Free Citizens’ Movement, Sergej Trifunovic said, on the occasion of a war crime committed in Srebrenica 24th years ago, that what happened in Srebrenica was genocide and that July 11th should be an official commemoration day in honour of the victims.

He also said that we should all remember the dark part of the history that should never be repeated.

“On this day, I want to once again pay tribute to the victims of genocide, because (what happened in Srebrenica) was genocide, as defined by the United Nations as an international crime of deliberate, complete or partial destruction of national, ethnic, racial and religious groups,” Trifunovic said.

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He estimated that certain people, who today declare themselves patriots, often defend those darkest days of the Balkan history under the pretence of patriotism, instead of, as he said, loving their country and working hard for its progress.

“It will be good for us to establish regional peace, and for no-one from this region forming their opinion about people through the actions of individuals who committed crimes,” Trifunovic pointed out.

He added that mutual respect could not be built without a mature view of the past and distancing ourselves from the criminals whose actions had catastrophic consequences.

In other news, twenty persons, wearing T-shirts with nationalistic symbols, interrupted a play staged at the Kolarac Endowment by the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, dedicated to Srebrenica. They started shouting over the play’s director, Zlatko Pakovic and said that there was no genocide in Srebrenica and that Ratko Mladic was a national hero. Then they proceeded singing nationalistic songs. Soon after, they were removed by the police.

(Nedeljnik, 11.07.2019)



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