Trifunovic’s PSG contemplates participating in the election

The Free Citizens’ Movement (Pokret slobodnih građana) will probably participate in the next parliamentary elections, reveals the N1 TV.

The party president, Sergej Trifunovic, held several consultations with local committees yesterday, while the sessions of the presidency and the political council should take place today or tomorrow; the final decision will be announced at a press conference on Friday.

Some argue that about 90% of those parties present at yesterday’s first consultations with the government regarding upcoming elections were in favour of participating in the election even though they earlier had a unanimous stand of boycotting the election.

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The PSG’s leader, Sergej Trifunovic said that the decision (to participate in the election) still needs to be confirmed on Thursday in the presidency session.

“We talk and exchange opinions every day. We will make a decision on Thursday and announce it at a press conference,” he said.

According to the website, Trifunovic hesitated for a long time because he wanted someone from the Alliance for Serbia (SzS) to announce their participation in the election round, but since there have been no such communication so far between PSG and SzS regarding the election, he decided that his party would probably take part in the next elections anyway.

(N1, 05.05.2020)


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