Trifunovic: “Vucic is in a hurry to go to the polls”

The president of the Free Citizens’ Movement (Pokret slobodnih građana (PSG), Sergej Trifunovic, said that the Serbian president, Aleksandar Vucic, is in a hurry to hold elections, which were postponed because of the pandemic, because “if elections don’t take place by autumn, he could be in a bad position”.

“We will monitor a situation that is changing significantly. People’s emotions have changed, expectations are higher and we should not let them slip away. We will also talk about the boycott, first among ourselves, in the movement, and then with colleagues from the opposition. The public will be informed in due time,” said Trifunovic.

Commenting on experts’ warnings that authoritarian politicians could use the excuse like the pandemic to further consolidate their power, Trifunovic said that “if an opportunity can create a thief, then a state of emergency can create a dictator”.

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“Obviously, Vucic likes to talk a lot about war, death, battles, blockades, enemies, miracles…He believes he is living the realization of his dreams. However, to really make them come true, he lacks one little ‘detail’ that doesn’t depend on him, and that’s our freedom,” Trifunovic underlined.

When asked to name at least one good government measure against the pandemic, Trifunovic replied that there have been good measures but he was not going to praise something that was usually done because “Serbia is not the first country affected and it could learn from the example of others.”

“Of course, I don’t know from whom they learned that the virus can be killed by rakija and that people can freely go shopping in Milan. There are responsible measures and it’s their (government’s) job to apply them. Nobody applauds me when I remember all my lines when I am acting,” concluded the actor.

(Novi Magazin, 21.04.2020)

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