Trifunović: “I have evidence that the SNS is withdrawing hundreds of millions of euros from public companies”

The president of the Free Citizens’ Movement (PSG), Sergej Trifunović, said he has evidence that the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) is “extracting” hundreds of millions of euros from public companies and announced that he will reveal the evidence as soon as he becomes a member of the parliament.

During a guest appearance on the B92, Trifunović said that the President of Serbia and the SNS, Aleksandar Vučić, “will never create fair electoral conditions” and underlined that “freedom must be won step by step, city by city”.

He pointed out that Vučić was using “the old radical methods to divide the society, just like Vojislav Šešelj (the president of the Serbian Radical Party) and Slobodan Milošević had done in the past”.

Speaking of the boycott of the upcoming 21 June elections, which was demanded by one segment of the opposition in Serbia, Trifunović considered that the idea was “too weak” and that none of the opposition leaders could explain to him what it actually represented.

“Most of the opposition, with the exception of (head of the People’s Party) Vuk Jeremić, who is adamant that boycott is the solution, think the idea of boycotting the election is dead,” said Trifunovic.

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Trifunović also that the PSG’s political programme is “still in its infancy” and that it belongs ideologically to the center-left, adding that the PSG will support an increase in salaries of health workers in order to dissuade them from leaving the country.

“If all that money hadn’t been stolen, we’d have the funds to build the Dedinje 2 Cardiovascular Clinic now,” he added.

Speaking about the Kosovo issue, Trifunović said that the PSG’s policy is based on ‘human care’ and not on the territories and that we need to work first to improve the lives of Kosovo Serbs, who according to him, have more problems with the ‘Serbian Mafia’ than with the local Albanians.

“For us, people come before territory. If we think of solving the problem of Kosovo through demarcation, this will lead to division. We will have a new war, and this part of the world will become the “Gaza Strip” of Europe,” he said.

When asked how he sees foreign policy, Trifunovic concluded that Serbia should promote the EU values.

(Nedeljnik, 18.06.2020)



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