Trelleborg: New plant to be opened in Ruma

The Swedish company Trelleborg plans to finish constructing a new production facility in January 2018. The company acquired Mitas, a tire producer from the Vojvodinian town of Ruma, in October 2016.

Trelleborg was founded in 1905 and is one of the most important producers and leaders in the field of industrial pneumatics with around 100 factories in 40 countries. The tire factory in Ruma was built in 1981, and the Czech Mitas acquired it in 2008 from the American company Galaxy. Subsequently, Trelleborg bought it from Mitas in 2016.

Mitas currently employ workers, mostly from Ruma, and judging by Trelleborg’s plans, and between 100 and 200 could be employed as soon as the new factory is constructed. The construction of the new facility is due to start this month in Ruma, and the planned completion is the beginning of 2018.

The Mayor of Ruma, Dusan Ljubisic explains that the municipal authorities helped Trelleborg to overcome certain obstacles leading to the construction, and that now the company can start building.

Around 90% of the products manufactured in the plant in Ruma is sold to clients in Europe, while Trelleborg announces expansion to other markets across the world which is the reason why they are building a new facility and employing more workers.

(Dnevnik, 22.05.2017)

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