Treasury of Tastes of Vojvodina: DDOR and Slow Food for Aware and Sustainable Agriculture

The presentation of the catalogue “Riznica Ukusa Vojvodine” (The Treasury of Tastes of Vojvodina), held yesterday during the Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, was welcomed with great interest. This is a unique publication: a scientific work edited by the Institute for Food Technology of the University of Novi Sad that has identified the typical products and productions of Vojvodina based on objective criteria, the presence of communities of producers, established traditions, and unique flavours related to specific territories with the view of enhancing the food biodiversity and small scale family farming.  

The project proposed by Biagio Carrano, president of the Slow Food convivial association in Serbia, was met with enthusiasm and vision by Giorgio Marchegiani, CEO of DDOR, and developed thanks to the skills of researchers at FINS (Institute of Food Technology at the University of Novi Sad), the elegant writing of the journalist Mirela Mitric and the entire communication and marketing team of DDOR, headed by Snezana Roznov.

The head of Vojvodina Government, Igor Mirovic had the following to say about the publication at the catalogue’s presentation:”The content of the Treasury of Tastes of Vojvodina is a definitive validation of a one-of-a-kind tradition which evolved over the centuries through the interaction of people who have developed a specific lifestyle, wealth, taste and harmony that makes Vojvodina so unique”.

“One might wonder why an insurance company invests in a project like this,” said CEO of DDOR Giorgio Marchegiani and added:” The reason is simple. As a Serbian-Italian company, we know very well how to identify, protect and enhance the heritage of the agricultural tradition. Local food is an important factor in local development in terms of economy and tourism. “By mimicking the Italian example, we can enhance the micro-local specialities, guaranteed by specific brands, to attract investments and invite people to visit the places where they are produced. Visitors can thus get to know better the traditions and the social and environmental context that has protected and favoured that food tradition”.

“The catalogue is an invitation to all Serbs to be proud of their unique food traditions and not to imitate other countries. In Belgrade, I had a chance to try what was an inedible pseudo-mozzarella and a “local Gauda”. Instead of that, why not appreciate more the Mokrin cheese, now produced by only three women? Why not make the most of Sombor cheese or the cheese made from sheep milk from Banat? The food products that Serbia and Vojvodina are unique and deserve much more attention: they are not a remnant of the past, they are a great gateway to the future of dignity and sustainability for those who want to devote themselves to modern agriculture. This publication is an act of respect and affection towards a country that his a host to a segment of our life path,” said Biagio Carrano, President of the Slow Food Association.

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