Travelling around Western Balkans with only an ID as of January 2022

From January 1 next year, residents of the Western Balkans will be able to travel with an identity card and stay in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro and North Macedonia, for a maximum of three months, without having to show their passports.

This is stipulated in the Regional Agreement on Freedom of Movement and Residence of Citizens, which was preceded by a series of meetings and initiatives on the topic of regional integration. So far, this idea has been supported by Serbia and other regional countries through the so-called Mini-Schengen initiative.

The agreement foresees that the signatory countries will simplify the administrative procedures for the travellers’ entry into their territory while only showing their identity cards.

All that will be needed by anyone wishing to travel to these countries is an identity card valid for a period of at least three months, provided that there is no ban on entry and residence and that the person does not constitute a danger to health and safety.

The Western Balkan countries will exchange copies of biometric ID cards within one month prior to the agreement’s entry into force.

(eKapija, 11.02.2021)


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