Transparency Serbia:”Allowances paid in cash at Vučić’s gatherings”

About 3.9 million euros were allocated to the various election lists before the election and after the election the lists will receive money based on the number of seats they win – it was said today at the presentation of the first findings on the financing of the current election campaign by the non-governmental organization Transparency Serbia (TS).

The list “Aleksandar Vučić – Serbia must not sop” has so far spent 1.95 million euros for television advertising of its campaign.

Although television stations are obliged to publish their prices for the election slots,  Miša Bojović, a TS researcher, says that “last year almost all of them revealed their prices, while this year TV stations Superstar, Kurir and Klasik”. She added that this year TV stations offered significant discounts for those political parties who advertise a lot, especially Pink and Happy TV stations.

Nemanja Nenadić, Programme Director of Transparency, warned that Serbia is entering a new election campaign without changing any crucial laws, in addition to refusing to acknowledge recommendations of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights on how to prevent misuse of public resources.

“Certain state bodies were inactive again, above all the Public Prosecutor’s Office. There was a lack of proactivity to explain what is prohibited and what constitutes giving and receiving bribes,” said Nenadić.

Before the election, as Nenadić pointed out, President Aleksandar Vučić held several public meetings that were not officially considered a part of election campaign but were considered controversial as SNS supporters who gathered at those meetings were paid daily allowances in cash, at the meetings, while state institutions provided transportation to and from meetings.

He also mentioned that relevant bodies should investigate whether relevant election laws were violated as there are reports that employees of public companies were forced to post in favour of SNS at their social media profiles.

(Vreme, 05.12.2023)

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