Transparency Serbia: Corruption is suffocating Serbia!

“After Serbia experienced the rude awakening, following the EU criticism, the US State Department is now also criticizing the official Belgrade about the widespread corruption and the judiciary that is anything but free”, says Zlatko Minic from Transparency Serbia (TS).

Minic also says that the objections and the warnings coming from both the EU and US authorities are still too mild.

“There is a series of problems in fighting against corruption, while the plan for the implementation of Chapter 23 is unambitious, deadlines are broken or prolonged, and some things have not been done as yet. However, the official Belgrade expects that powers to be will turn the blind eye to the issue of Belgrade’s relations with Pristina and Moscow. This is somewhat the reason why the relevant reports do not reflect how bad the situation really is in some areas, mostly in the media”, Minic explains.

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According to him, the goal is to improve the situation in the country, as the EU integration process will not benefit anyone if it is not done in the best interests of the country’s citizens. Minic also believes that, when the focus in no longer on political issues, we will see how strict the EU will be in terms of Serbia failing to fulfill its obligations.

“Politics has heavily influenced the corruption reports”, says Vladimir Radomirovic, editor of the anti-corruption portal Pištaljka.

He adds that political pressure is mounting over Kosovo and reaching a legally binding agreement. In its report on the state of human rights in Serbia, the US mentioned privacy, trafficking and violence against members of the LGBT community as the pressing issues. The report also objects to mainly pro-government candidates being appointed to public functions in the last two years.

“The Serbian government has taken steps to prosecute the police and the government members only after their abuse of power has been revealed to the public”, Radomirovic adds. Also, many social observers believe that numerous cases of corruption, social and domestic violence are unreported and unpunished.

(Vesti Online, 24.04.2018)

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