Transparency International: Serbia regressing in fight against corruption

Serbia fell to 87th place, out of 180 countries and territories, losing two points in the corruption perception index, according to Transparency International (TI) report for 2018, the Beta news agency reported.

Serbia shares the same rating with Beijing with the 39 index points. In 2017, Serbia occupied the 77th place. The index measures the level of corruption from 0 (very corrupt) to 100 (least corrupt).

 The TI’s 2018 index showed an upsetting trend proving that a country with a high level of corruption had weaker democratic institutions and political rights.

In the report, Serbia was grouped with the countries from the region of South-East Europe and Central Asia where only Georgia had an index higher than 50, while the others recorded 45 and lower. Besides Georgia, only Montenegro (45) and Belarus (44) were assigned the above average corruption perception index (over 43).

The whole region made little progress in fighting corruption, the TI said. The countries that recorded the same or lower corruption perception index compared to the last year are Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Russia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

“Corruption dumps democracy to create a magic circle where it undermines the democratic institutions. Weak institutions are less and less able to control corruption,“ Patricia Moreira, the Managing Director of the TI International Secretariat, based in Berlin, said.

The least corrupt country in the world is Denmark with 88 index points, while the most corrupt is Somalia with the index 10 and Syria and South Sudan with the index 13.

The best-ranked region is the Western Europe / European Union with 66 index points, while Sub-Saharan Africa, with 32 index points, is at the bottom of the list.

(KRIK, 29.01.2019)



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