Transfera and Austria’s ÖBB Rail Cargo Group to form a joint company in Serbia

ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG), an Austrian railway logistics company, and Transfera d.o.o., one of the largest logistics companies in the Balkans, have entered into a joint venture agreement.

The new joint venture, headquartered in Belgrade, will initially focus on the development of intermodal logistics solutions. In recent years, important steps have been taken in Serbia to restore the railways, modernize and improve the railway infrastructure. 

The deal is aimed at strengthening the positions of Austrian companies in Serbia. Austria is one of the largest foreign investors in Serbia with a total investment of 3.6 billion euros.

Serbia attracts foreign investors due to its great potential against the background of significant changes in the economy and the growing demand for environmentally friendly transport solutions, especially in the field of rail transport. 

RCG aims to expand the European network in Serbia and link transport networks with Turkey and Greece, as well as with the ports of Hamburg and Rotterdam, to create sustainable logistics and forwarding solutions for the Serbian market, which is one of the fastest growing in Europe.  

Transfera is a Serbian logistics company headquartered in Belgrade. The company is engaged in the organization of road, air, sea and rail transportation, as well as provides customs and warehouse services. Transfera is one of the largest logistics companies in the Western Balkans region with 30 offices in Serbia and other countries. 

Rail Cargo Group is an Austrian railway logistics company specializing in freight transportation. The company serves agriculture, automotive industry, production of building materials, chemicals, wood, etc. The headquarters is located in Vienna (Austria). Rail Cargo Austria AG carries out the operational management of the rail transportation group.

(Nedeljnik, 23.05.2024)

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