Traffic cameras in Belgrade now have face recognition software

New traffic cameras, which installation has recently started in Belgrade and in other cities soon to follow, are much more technologically advanced than the previous ones.

According to SAT magazine, these modern cameras record high-resolution footage and are equipped with face and license plate recognition software. They can also record other traffic offences such as jaywalking, use of a mobile phone while driving, drivers and passengers not using seat belts, disregard for traffic signs, etc.

Also, cameras can measure speed and calculate how much was the driver speeding. This means that their footage could be used to penalize drivers who do not comply with the traffic regulations. However, the police authorities have declined to confirm that such cameras would be installed.

Such cameras use software to measure speeding based on the distance that a vehicle covers over a unit of time.

“In order for these systems to be used in practice, their reliability and precision must be harmonized with those of the current sensor system,” explains Gojko Vezmar, a traffic engineer, and notes that the biggest problem with this type of measurement is precision which usually deviates +/- 5km/h.

The current Rulebook on Measuring Traffic Speed does not regulate measuring speed in this way, i.e. via a software analysis.

Experts also note that such devices are still not used in European countries because they are not precise enough.

The Directorate for Measures and Precious Metals said that no-one had submitted a request for a change of regulations so far to allow traffic cameras to measure speed, but, they say that was not out of the question.

If such a request was submitted, it would be possible to change the existing regulation within one month provided that it could be proven that such traffic cameras can measure the speed at the precision of +/- 3km/h.

(Kamatica, 12.05.2019)

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