Traditional food producers: New sales rules

As of 1st January 2018, small producers of traditional foods of animal origin will be able to register and market their products much easier than before.

This is what the Serbian Minister of Agriculture, Branislav Nedimovic said in Sremska Mitrovica at the presentation of the Rule Book on Production and Sale of Small Volume of Traditional Foods of Animal Origin. He also said that the food produced by small producers was excellent in quality, adding that there had been no regulation covering its production and sale up until now.

“By having this Rule Book, dairy and meat producers who produce quality food will be able to operate in facilities that meet all the required standards which, although not being that strict as the standards for large industrial producers, are not going to comprise food safety”, Nedimovic said and added that the Rule Book has been completely harmonized with the EU legislation.

The Minister also said that, in 2018, the government would implement rural development measures that include subsidies for equipment used by producing and processing companies, and that the subsidies would be up to 50% of the equipment value (65% if the producer is located in the devastated area).

The producers will also have access to IPARD funds, and they can even get subsidies for their marketing activities.

“Small producing and processing companies will be now allowed to sell their produce from home, door-to-door and at markets”, Nedimovic adds. He also thinks that the new Rule Book will positively contribute to development of rural tourism, and that producers will now have it easier when obtaining a geographical indication for their products.

(B92, 19.12.2017)

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