Traditional Chinese Medicine Centre to open at VMA by the year-end

A Traditional Chinese Medicine Centre (TCM) will have been opened at the VMA (Military Hospital Centre) by the end of this year, with the Chinese donating the equipment while the military hospital will equip the rooms, said Miroslav Vukosavljevic, the Head of this medical facility.

Following the visit of the medical delegation of the Chinese Army, it was confirmed that the new centre will be managed by Serbian specialists who have been trained to practice traditional Chinese medicine in the past few years while Chinese medical professionals will monitor their work at all times.

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The VMA’s interior will be re-arranged to make space for a new multifunctional operating theatre, mainly for the ophthalmology purposes, which, according to Vukosavljevic, is “good news for Serbian citizens as waiting lists for cataract surgery will be shortened”. “Tenders have also been completed for the procurement of equipment and the restoration of the intensive care unit. If all goes according to plan, the operating theatre and the ICU will become fully operational within the next few months,” he said, adding that without a good post-surgery intensive care unit there would not even be any surgery.

The Head of the VMA also pointed out that the documentation for the project for the expansion of the emergency room, which has not been upgraded for decades, has been drafted. The works on the expansion should be finalized next year.

(Kurir, 12.09.2019)


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