Trade unions want minimum wage to be 32,000 dinars, employers 28,600 dinars

The negotiations between the Government, the trade unions and the employers about the minimum wage are due to start in mid-July. The final decision is expected to be made by the end of September, and the agreement on the new minimum wage should be implemented as of January 1st, 2020.

Currently, the minimum wage amounts to around RSD 27,000 and the trade unions want it to be raised to RSD 32,000, which is 90% of the costs of the elementary consumer basket. This is the most realistic option, considering the announcement by officials that the minimum wage should be the same as the cost of the basic consumer basket in 2020.

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The other option is to raise the minimum wage to around RSD 31,500, amounting to 85% of the value of the basic consumer basket, Blic writes in today’s issue.

Nebojsa Atanackovic, the president of the Employers Association of Serbia and one of the members of the negotiation team, says that all wage increases should be proportional to annual GDP and inflation growth.

“This year, the increase was 6%, which means that the minimum wage should be 28,600 dinars. Of course, employers are ready to accept a higher minimum wage, but only if the state reduces or at least refunds part of the taxes that employers pay,” Atanackovic added.

(eKapija, 05.07.2019)

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