Trade unions urging for changes to Labour Law

The Association of Independent Trade Unions of Serbia announced today that it has forwarded to the Serbian government an initiative to amend the Labour Law in which it proposed a solution for the preservation of collective labour agreements in the real sector, as well as putting an end to increasing exploitation of workers by employers.

The Association proposes the Governement to amend Article 257 of the Labour Law and warns that if it is not done, collective labour agreements will disappear due to the inability of employers’ associations to reach a legal census. This will have unimaginable consequences for workers in Serbia, the Association warns.

The amendments to the Labour Law, which have been in place since 2014, have eliminated the possibility for collective agreements to be extended effect. These amendments to the Labour Law have affected more than a million workers in the real sector, such as construction, agriculture, the metal sector, chemistry and non-metal processing, because workers who do the same kind of job are not entitled to receive the same wages, as set out in the collective agreement. This leaves the workers in  the mercy of employers, and results in lower wages and increasing poverty.

The Association of Independent Trade Unions of Serbia expects the government and the Ministry of Labour to accept this initiative, and ensure that all workers in the real sector have the same working conditions, rights and obligations, in an effort to reduce and even prevent social dumping.

(Politika, 16.01.2018)

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