Trade unions: Labour Law to be changed to suit Asian-style capitalism

The amendments to the Labour Law, that are announced for 2019, will stipulate that employers will be able to check the reasons why their employees go on sick leave and to fire them if they assess that taking a sick leave constitutes an unprecedented disrepute, says the Association of Trade Unions of Serbia, Sloga.

In its press release, Sloga says that the aim of the amendments is to intimidate employees to work even when they are afraid of losing their job.

“The current Labour Law regulates this matter, but it is quite unclear what these changes are meant to achieve, except that workers are held in some sort of constant fear of losing their jobs and fear of losing their job when they are ill. We think that the amendments to the law hide worse issues regarding labour rights and that the Serbian workers will soon be forced to work according to the Asian-style capitalism with their working conditions being far lower than the work standards in Europe,” the Sloga press release said.

The trade unions urge the government not to play with human rights and at the same time demand that the entire draft of the amendments to the Labour Law be made public.

The media report that these amendments were drafted because of the estimates that show that out of 280,000 sick leaves per year up to 11% were false sickness claims. That means that over 30,000 workers each year are absent from their work, despite having no health issues, the Informer daily reports.

The amendments to the Labour Law were proposed by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (CCIS) and they will be up for consideration in the National Assembly at the beginning of 2019.

The President of the CCIS, Marko Cadez said that the new regulations would prevent the growing abuse of sick leave.

The CCIS proposed to the Ministry of Labour for the law to be amended in such a way to allow employers to demand from the doctor’s office a report about the worker’s illness that prevented them from working.  

“ If the employer finds out that there is indeed abuse of sick leave, the employer could fire the employee in question”, Cadez added.

(Danas, RTV, 16.10.2018)



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