Trade unions demand higher minimum wage in Belgrade

The Belgrade Federation of Independent Trade Unions called for a higher minimum wage to be set for people working in Serbia’s capital.

At yesterday’s meeting of the Economic and Social Council in Belgrade, the Federation presented an initiative that requires a higher minimum wage in the capital than in the rest of Serbia, because the cost of living is higher in Belgrade than in the rest of the country.

“If we take into account the prices of apartments, municipal services and basic food products, the average consumer basket in Belgrade is more expensive than in other parts of Serbia”, the Federation said.

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“The minimum consumer basket in Serbia is worth 38,000 dinars, in Belgrade, it is 44,400 dinars, while in Leskovac it is 33,000 dinars. Hence, the minimum wage cannot be the same for workers living in Belgrade compared to other parts of Serbia”.

The union estimates that around 120,000 workers in Belgrade are currently receiving the minimum wage.

(Srbija Danas, 17.09.2020)


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