Trade unionists ask for help from European partners to stop mobbing at Yura

The President of the Independent Metalworkers’ Union of Serbia, Zoran Markovic, said that he will file a complaint to the European business partners of the Yura Company, which hinders the work of a trade union in its Leskovac plant and bullied the trade union official at the same production plant.

Markovic also said that the trade union has already complained to all relevant authorities in Serbia, and has requested a meeting with Yura’s management and with the labour inspectorate, and has written to the Minister of Labour, Darija Kisic Tepavcevic. He added that they also addressed the European and World Association of Metalworkers’ Unions, which reacted and asked Yura to stop exerting pressure on workers. The trade union also contacted the Commissioner for Equal Opportunities, Brankica Janković.

“The next step now is to write to all the main partners of Yura such as Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, who can help with upholding the rights of workers since they all have functioning trade unions,” Markovic announced.

He explained that the president of Yura’s trade union in Leskovac, Predrag Stojanović, has received two warnings from the factory’s managers in the past few days not to contact local media about the pressure that the company has been exerting on workers and the fact that their job contracts have not been extended.

“Stojanovic has been a victim of mobbing, and this is an attempt to prevent trade union from working properly,” Markovic said. He reminded that the Constitution of Serbia and the relevant laws stipulate that workers have the right to form a trade union, but as he added, that employer “believes that they are above the Constitution and the law”.

(Nova, 08.04.2021)


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