Trade union protests over 250 RTV journalists losing their jobs

The representatives of the Union of Media, Culture and Arts ‘Independence’ protested on Monday in Serbia’s northern city of Novi Sad due to, as they said, the announced dismissal of workers from the Vojvodina’s public broadcaster, Radio and Television of Vojvodina (RTV).

The Union told reporters that 200 RTV employees would lose their job by the end of August, in addition to 56 who had already left last month.

It added that the number equals 20 per cent of all employees.

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All those who were or would be dismissed were employed through an employment agency, and their contracts expired.

The reason why their contracts would not be extended is the fact that RTV lacks 1.8 million euro for financing, following the budget review.

The protesters said they would hold the street protests this week.  

The Nezavisnost trade union says that, considering the difficult economic situation at the moment, it is not fair to employees to be dismissed, especially now when the state is providing financial aid to companies in an effort for these companies not to lay off their workers.

(N1, 24.08.2020)

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