Trade union: “‘Inhuman living conditions of Chinese workers in Linglong in Zrenjanin”

The Sloga Trade Union Association has demanded that labour inspectors carry out an inspection at the Chinese tire production company, Linglong, in Zrenjanin, in order to verify the conditions under which Chinese workers, who were brought to Serbia to construct the Linglong factory, work and live.

“The scenes where Chinese workers, who are living at the former butcher shop BEK, where beds, their personal belongings and clothes on the beds are covered with pieces of curtain and nylon, and dirty dishes are hidden under the bed and under the table, show conditions unworthy of human beings and go against the European values which we are trying to promote in this country,” the union said in a press release.

“These are living conditions fit for medieval times and concentration camps that should be thing of the past. Having such an attitude towards workers is unacceptable, because there is no profit and GDP growth that can justify such an inhuman situation. Above all, we do not support the money that comes to this country from the so-called corrosive capital, which flows from authoritarian regimes to countries in transition, such as Serbia, whose current government tolerates labour and human rights violations for its own gains and selfish interests,” the press release adds.

The Sloga association also believes that if we don’t protest today against “such inhuman and humiliating treatment of Chinese workers in Linglong in Zrenjanin, the day will come when Serbian workers will share the same destiny”.

(N1, 26.10.2021)

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