Trade union: Every 4th worker in Serbia employed permanently

In Serbia, every fourth employee has a permanent job, while the rest are in a voluntary or contractual work relationship with their employers, Zoran Stojiljkovic, president of the Nezavisnost trade union, said.

He underlined that the basic problem for all trade unions, including Nezavisnost, was to provide labour, legal, social and political protection to all employees, not just those with a permanent job.

He also estimated that many employees were in precarious positions and were hired as undocumented workers. Even those people who are working are not guaranteed dignified living standard, he added.

According to Stojiljkovic, the issue of dignified work is the focus of the Nezavisnost trade union, which, he said, is work that is paid on time, safe and regulated by job contract.

Stojiljkovic also said that there were numerous cases in Serbia that when the trade unions decide to go on strike in a unified manner, another trade union is formed which is pro-state or pro-management in that particular company.

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He also said that, in these cases, senior state officials usually come up with a story that such strike had been politically instructed and motivated and there no evidence to validate it.

On the other hand, workers are losing their trust in trade unions because the successes are not sufficiently documented and because they are viewed as organizations that are needed but are not particularly powerful, Stojiljkovic said.

The president of Nezavisnost went on to say said the adoption of new regulation on strike is expected to happen by the year-end, while the new Labour Law will have been adopted by the end of 2021.

(Bizlife, 24.02.2020)

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