Tourism boom in Serbia

In 2017, the tourism is Serbia has set new records. In the first half of this year, Serbia had 12% more tourists compared to last year, and 18% more of foreign guests.

In the period from January to June, over half a million tourists visited Belgrade alone, with 380,000 of them being foreign tourists which is a 33% hike. The biggest increase is recorded in the number of tourists from Israel, i.e. five times more Israeli tourists visited Serbia this year relative to the last. Also, there is a higher number of tourists from Turkey, Greece and the former Yugoslav republics.

“It is also worthy of noting that British tourists are becoming increasingly interested in Serbia, which we are very happy about. Also, there is an increase in the number of tourists from the United States and China which gives us enough reason to believe that July, August and September are going to be very lucrative for Belgrade and Serbia revenue-wise”, says director of the Belgrade Tourist Board, Miodrag Popovic.

In Belgrade, tourist season last all year around, and it is very difficult to find hotel accommodation in September and October since most hotels are fully booked.

The Belgrade Tourist Board is now preparing for the New Year’s Eve when tourists from all over the region flock to Belgrade for celebrations.

(Danas, 27.08.2017)

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