Tougher import rules for cars with Euro-3 engine

Serbian authorities are not going to allow a rampant import of old diesel cars that will, in all likelihood, be banned in Germany soon.

According to the current regulations, Serbia does allow import of vehicles with Euro-3 engine is allowed, but there are several initiatives to make the import rules much tougher than before.

The Serbian Ministry of Environmental Protection has welcomed the ruling of a German court regarding the possible ban of older diesel vehicles being driven in city centres.

German cities can ban the most heavily polluting diesel cars from their streets, a court ruled on Tuesday, a move that could accelerate a shift away from the combustion engine and force manufacturers to pay to improve exhaust systems.

“Bearing in mind the specific regulation in our country when the age of the vehicle is concerned, i.e. that the vehicles driven in Serbia are very old, it would be advisable if local governments applied the same or similar measure on the territory of Serbia in order to drastically reduce air and noise pollution”, the Serbian Ministry’s press release reads.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection is planning launch an initiative, with the relevant authorities, aimed at implementing stricter conditions for import of used cars in order to contribute to the resolution of the evident problem of air pollution. The planned initiative will apply not only to imported vehicles, but will also regulate strict control of exhaust gases during the technical inspection as a one of the conditions for vehicle registration.

Since Germany has about 12 million diesel cars, it is estimated that a large number of them could end up in Serbia – as much as 300,000. Last year, Serbia imported 150,000 diesel cars with 110,000 of them being 13 and over years old.

(Vecernje Novosti, 03.04.2018)


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