Tougher control of the use of masks in public transport as of today

The Speaker of the Belgrade Assembly, Nikola Nikodijević, announced tougher control of the use of protective masks in public transport as of today.

The number of people infected with the coronavirus has increased in the previous days in the capital. Saturday’s audit of 79 catering establishments and retail chains in Belgrade saw five reports on non-compliance with epidemiological measures.

“The vast majority of catering facilities are adhering to the measures, but there are also those restaurateurs and their guests who don’t. Yesterday, we had submitted five reports – three for health inspections, plus one to a market inspection and a tourist inspection each, ”Nikodijevic said.

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He added that the objective of the tougher control is not to close the facilities or punish the owners, but to enforce epidemiological measures.

“We will continue with these checks. The key is to comply with the measures so as not to have to close these facilities and reduce economic activity. If it doesn’t work, we will have to implement new measures, ” Nikodijevic said, adding that he hopes there is no need for a possible lockdown across the city.

(B92, 04.10.2020)


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