Tougher conditions for emigrating to Germany – mandatory language tests and introduction of age limits

German language test and the introduction of an age limit for residents of the Western Balkans are the new features of the German Emigration Act which, according to the Serbian-German Chamber of Commerce, will be applicable as of 1st March 2020.

At a press conference, Director of the Serbian-German Chamber of Commerce, Martin Knapp said that it would be much more difficult for Western Balkan residents to emigrate to Germany, as they would no longer enjoy privileges over residents from other parts of the world. In the future, their German language skills will have to be good and an age limit for those wanting to emigrate to Germany will be set, which was not the case before.

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Knapp, however, did not specify the maximum age limit but announced that the new provisions to the German Emigration Act will be discussed Friday, November 22nd, at the conference “Western Balkans and German Economy: Investments – Procurement Initiatives – Mobility”, organized in collaboration with the German Ministry of Economy.

“At the conference on Friday, we want to clarify all the issues related to the new law. It is important that the public receives the right information on what will change,” said Knap, adding that the meeting will discuss future procedures.

In addition to emigration to Germany, Knap said that the conference will analyze the status of joint projects, discuss German investments in Serbia and present a German initiative to find new suppliers in the Western Balkans. He said that the initiative has been successful in recent years because many companies in the region have become suppliers of German companies.

The conference will also discuss demographics and economics, and how emigration will affect the population of the Western Balkan countries.

Furthermore, Knapp announced the Serbian Visions multi-congress which will be held for the fifth time in Belgrade next Friday and Saturday, in collaboration with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

(Kurir, 20.11.2019)

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