Top doctors from VMA fired for supporting United against COVID initiative

Three senior department chiefs at Serbia’s top military hospital, VMA, have been dismissed after supporting an open letter to the authorities demanding from the government to reveal the truth about the coronavirus pandemic.

The unidentified sources said that two clinic chiefs and one institute head at the Military Medical Academy (VMA) were dismissed from their posts on September 16th. .

The sources added that Professor Danilo Vojvodica was dismissed from his post as head of the Medical Research Institute, Professor Slobodan Obradovic from his post of Emergency Medicine Clinic chief and Professor Lidija Kandolf Sekulovic from her post of head of the Clinic for Skin and Venereal Diseases.

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They also said that a total of seven department chiefs at the VMA have been dismissed over the past few days and added that the one thing they have in common is the fact that they all lent their support to the open letter that doctors have sent to the government and other institutions, rallied in the group called United Against COVID.

That group of some 350 doctors released the letter, distancing themselves from the government Crisis Unit and demanding their dismissal because, they said, “the country was in the midst of a public health catastrophe”. The number of doctors who signed the open letter grew to some 3,000 within weeks.  

Later on Thursday, the Military Union said the chiefs at Serbia’s top military hospital used their Constitutional right on petition and freedom of thoughts. They added the dismissal was “another proof that the (country’s) defence system is ruled by intimidation, political dictatorship and single-mindedness exercised by the outgoing Minister Aleksandar Vulin.”

(Nedeljnik, N1, 17.09.2020)





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