Too early to declare that the pandemic has been defeated

A return to normality was supposed to happen the summer, according to announcements, however, some experts reject that possibility.

“I have said many times that we are close to the end of the pandemic, but we are not out yet,” says immunologist and microbiologist at the Veterinary Specialist Institute in Kraljevo, Milanko Sekler.

“A low number of hospitalisations and deaths is certainly a good sign, but it is not the end of the pandemic. I wouldn’t say the end is nearer,” Sekler adds.

The vaccine has contributed to the current favourable situation, he says, but so has the seasonality of the virus.

“In our country, vaccination has done its part, but so has the seasonality of the virus; the best indication is the example of the countries that have fewer vaccinated people than Serbia but are still recording a drastic drop in the number of people ill with Covid-19. Macedonia, for instance, which has five times fewer vaccinated people than Serbia and has a very similar epidemiological situation. So does Bosnia,” Sekler says.

According to him, the fact that, in summer, more people spend time outdoors than indoors reduces the risk but also creates the illusion that the virus has been defeated.

On 14th June, Slovenia recorded 24 new cases out of 1,023 tested and has subsequently declared the end of the pandemic, although some measures remain in place. Wearing a mask indoors is still compulsory, along with keeping the physical distances and adhering to special conditions for attending concerts and other events, which is possible only with a negative test or proof of vaccination.

(Vecernje Novosti, 27.06.2021)


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