Tomovska: Serbia one of the most successful countries in the word in digitization

Serbia is one of the most developed countries in the world in terms of digitization, said Marta Arsovska Tomovska from the Prime Minister’s Office today.

“Serbia had a vision which is being fulfilled in the current government’s mandate. In other countries, this process lasts between 10 and 15 years,” Tomovska told Tanjug at the conference “Digital Cooperation: Transforming Governments”, organized by the Government of the Republic of Serbia and UNDP.

She also said that, while Serbia was near the end of the road to digitization, that road never ends because new technologies are constantly created.

“All the indicators and ratings show that we have done an excellent job. We have also adopted a strategy for artificial intelligence, so now we are adding that new element in order to use AI which is a very exponential technology,” Tomovska explains.

Tomovska also mentioned an online service of E-counter (E-šalter), a new service launched by the E-Government, whereby all services for citizens are adapted to the activities and events in their lives.

She also underlined that the government did a lot in the field of digitization: “The digital transformation of the government entails a broad scope of activities that began from the creation of the premise of digitization, such as the Internet and broadband, to the development of back offices and background systems that citizens do not actually see, but which provide interoperability to enable this transformation of government.” says Tomovska.

She added that a large number of services available at just one click of a mouse make it possible for citizens and businesses to get what they were looking for without having to physically go to the relevant premises.

Serbian PM, Ana Brnabic said that the current Internet coverage in Serbia stood at 60% and that the goal was for all citizens and businesses to have access to the Internet, because that is one of the basic human rights.

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She also announced the launch of a competition in March which aim is to bring the Internet to 600 towns and villages in Serbia, i.e. to a total of 90,000 households.

Serbian Prime Minister also said that the drafting of laws on social cards and their digitization was nearing completion, which would enable much better use of funds intended for the most socially disadvantaged people in Serbia.

After the official opening of the conference “Digital Cooperation: Transforming Governments”, she underlined that, in addition to digitizing social cards, the government’s focus would be on digitizing healthcare and education.

(RTV, Tanjug, 03.02.2020)

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