Toll to go up on 1st January

The toll in Serbia will go up by 9% from 1st January – announced the acting director of the PE Roads of Serbia, Zoran Drobnjak. The toll increase has been approved by the Serbian government.

For instance, the toll for the first category of vehicles for the Belgrade-Presevo section is now RSD 1,490, and it will go up to RSD 1,624 after the price increase.

For the Belgrade-Šid road section, the toll is currently RSD 420, and it will go up to RSD 457. For the Belgrade-Subotica section, the toll is RSD 640, and after the price increase, it will be RSD 697. For the Belgrade-Niš road section, the toll is RSD 890, and from January 1, the drivers will have to pay RSD 970.

The amendments to the Toll Decree also stipulate discounts for electronic toll collection (ETC), where, payments between RSD 20,000 to 50,000 will be eligible for a 4% discount, payments between RSD 50,000 to 100,000 will get a 6% discount, while payments over RSD 100,000, an 8% discount will be applied.

Also, the discount for legal entities which pay the monthly toll within the set deadline is increased from 5% to 8%.

(eKapija, 29.11.2022)

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