Toll goes up by 12% as of today

The motorway toll in Serbia is higher by 12% from today (Monday, July 29th). For passenger cars, the toll between Belgrade and Niš is now 900 dinars, and a trip between Niš and Preševo costs 600 dinars.

The toll on the Belgrade-Niš motorway, depending on the vehicle category,  is from 450 to 5,410 dinars. The toll between Niš and Dimitrovgrad also ranges – from 210 to 1,250 dinars.

If you travelling in the direction of Croatia, and again depending on the vehicle category, the toll between Belgrade and Šid is between 410 and 2,530 dinars, while the toll on the Belgrade-Subotica road stands between 320 and 3,740 dinars.

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The toll on the Niš-Preševo segment ranges between 600 to 3,630 dinars, while the one for the road connecting Ljig to Preljina between 160 and 910 dinars.

(RTS, 29.07.2019)


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