Toennies to start constructing pig farms in Serbia in November

Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Supply, Branislav Nedimovic announced today that the German meat producer, Toennies would start building its pig farms and abattoirs in Serbia in November.

Speaking for the Radio and Television of Serbia (RTS), Nedimovic said that the government has officially approved of Toennies having a 30-year-lease on 2,420 hectares of land in the Zrenjanin municipality.

“Toennies will start implementing two investments in November – one near Zrenjanin and the other one near Kikinda. First, the company is going to build a pig farm, followed by an abattoir”, the minister said.

This project began in December 2014, and according to the signed Memorandum of Understanding, the company wants a build a total of 20 pig farms in Serbia.

Each farm would have 2,500 sows and produce 65,000 fatlings annually. From here, Toennies plans to export meat to the European Union, China and Russia. The minister also noted that, apart from Toennies which applied with two projects, nine other farmers have also applied for land lease. They all come from Serbia and are all involved in food processing industry.

He added that Toennies would create 530 new jobs and also employ seasonal workers. Nedimovic also said that the German company submitted three more investment projects to the government, adding that their evaluation was pending. “We first want to clear all legal issues regarding the land plots that we are renting, and then rent them out”, Nedimovic concluded.

(Blic, 24.07.2017)

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