Toennies sets one foot in Serbia

At two separate sessions, one public and one behind the closed doors, the Planning Commission in Zrenjanin has adopted the detailed regulation plan for the Banatski Despotovac farm which is the alleged location where the German meat company, Toennies is due to start its operations in Serbia.

One official complaint to the plan had been submitted in writing but it was eventually thrown out by the Commission. The farm spans a total of 53 hectares of land (with 43 hectares of arable land), and it is located at the entry to the municipality of Banatski Despotovac. The plan is to build a farm for 70,000 pigs here. The farm is supposed to span 23 hectares, while the rest would be used for agricultural purposes.

The detailed regulation plan was drafted at the request of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Environmental Protection from 1st November 2016. No additional explanations have been given, and there are speculations that this pig farm could be the first facility that the German meat producer Toennies will buy in our country.

The company announced its intention to invest in Serbia back in 2014 when they said that they were interested in building a modern pig farm. The mayor of Zrenjanin, Cedomir Janjic has also indirectly confirmed the arrival of the German company.

“I expect this investment to exceed 22 million EUR. The German investor plans to work with local suppliers too which is a good thing for our producers”, mayor Janjic was quoted as saying.

(Vecernje Novosti, 08.03.2017)

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