Today is Serbian Unity and Flag Day – Why do we celebrate it?

Today, Serbia and the Republic of Srpska celebrate Serbian Unity Day for the third consecutive year. On 15 September 1918, the famous Salonica Front (also known as the Macedonian Front), which proved decisive in the collapse of the Central Powers in World War I, was broken through.

The day of the breakthrough of the Salonica Front was used by the Serbian authorities as an occasion to declare 15 September the Serbian Unity, Freedom and National Flag Day, which has been celebrated in Serbia and the Republic of Srpska since 2020.

It is only logical for 15th September to be celebrated as the Serbian soldiers broke through the Salonica front together with the British and French, who were also joined by the Greeks, Italians and Russians. We should also mention the Macedonians in particular, although their participation was not properly valorised even a century later, especially for the conquest of the Kaimakchalan Mountain, a battle that was a prelude to the conquest of the Salonica front.

Although the Jasenovac concentration camp has been again mentioned recently as the most terrible place of execution for tens of thousands of Serbs (Jews, Roma and Croatian anti-fascists), the truth is that the Great War devastated Serbia too.

According to the recognized estimates, Serbia paid a disproportionate price for victory in the First World War – during the war, the country lost more than a million inhabitants, i.e. almost a third of its population, and more than half of the male population died in heavy fighting and the retreat through Albania.

(Danas, 15.09.2022)

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