To Be Punk Festival in Novi Sad from May 31 to June 1

To Be Punk is the first all-punk festival in Serbia that takes place in Novi Sad’s Fair (Hall 6) on May 31st and June 1st.

The Festival aims at redefining the musical scene of Serbia and fostering the new punk and rock production.

This year’s is the 12th edition of the Festival with the line-up that consists of Serbian and international bands, including the legendary British punk band, Cock Sparrer.

Cock Sparrer is a punk rock band formed in 1972 in the East End of London, England. Although they have never enjoyed commercial success, they are considered one of the most influential street punk bands of all time, helping pave the way for early ’80s punk scene and the Oi! subgenre. Their songs have been covered by many punk, Oi!, and hardcore bands.

Their style is influenced by pub rock, glam rock and raw 1960s beat music as delivered by bands like the Small Faces and The Who. Their lyrics mostly deal with topics related to the daily lives of working class people. Their name derives from their original name, Cock Sparrow, a Cockney term for familiarity.

For more information about the Festival’s official programme, please click here.

(Dnevnik, 27.05.2019)

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