Tiodorovic: “We will most likely extend the measures beyond Monday”

Epidemiologist and Crisis Unit member, Dr Branislav Tiodorovic said that measures implemented as of today to prevent the spread of the coronavirus will most likely be extended after Monday.

Tiodorovic said that he expects that, in five days, there will be no major decrease in the number of people who are infected and have died from the coronavirus. According to him, the medical part of the Crisis Unit has not changed its position on the issue of measures. When asked how it happened that the epidemiologists agreed that the measures would last only five days instead of 14 as requested, Tiodorovic said that it was a “difficult struggle.”

“I have to say that the vast majority of the Crisis Unit, even the non-medical members, understood the seriousness of the situation, but they thought about the consequences for businesses,” he added.

When asked if the measures would be stricter, Tiodorovic said no one was considering curfews.

“There will be no curfew and no restrictions on movement. People must be allowed to get food, medicine and fuel. This was the only possible measure,” Tiodorovic said.

He also noted that no restrictions on movement, curfew and such measures would solve anything, and mention an example of European countries where curfew is in force. According to him, there are more and more young people in Serbia who are infected and getting sick.

Tiodorovic concluded that ski resorts should be closed, and said that the Crisis Unit has also been discussing measures to be implemented during the Easter holiday.

(021.rs, 16.03.2021)



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