Tiodorovic: “We will allow some cultural events in line with safety measures”

The government’s anti-corona crisis unit will assess the easing of the measures in the coming days and the possibility of allowing some events that have already been postponed several times to take place.

One of the crisis unit members, Dr. Branislav Tiodorović, said that the epidemiological situation in the country is stable, and that Serbia is among the best countries in Europe with only seven infected persons per 100,000 inhabitants, but that the virus still circulates and we must be cautious.

“The current good situation is due to the responsible behaviour of people in Serbia. Any decision on mitigating certain measures, whether it be events or extending the working hours of catering facilities, will be dictated by three fundamental conditions: use of masks, the physical distance of two metres and disinfection not only of hands but also of objects and space ”, Tiodorović told the RTS.

“I expect that some cultural and sporting events will be allowed because this is important for the citizens, but it all depends on the individual organizers if they are able to implement safety measures,” Dr Tiodorovic added.

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Dr Tiodorovic assessed that it would be difficult to organize events such as the Belgrade marathon because several thousand people would hardly be able to keep their distance and take care of themselves and others.

He is not worried about the upcoming flu season, because the data from the countries which, as he said, “got the flu before us this year” show there has not been a great contagion.

(Nedeljnik, 28.09.2020)


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