Tiodorović: “People have to be careful, the virus is still present”

“The epidemiological situation is still uncertain,” warns epidemiologist Bratislav Tiodorović, and adds that people need to continue to adhere to preventive measures and understand that the epidemic is not over yet.

“The epidemiological situation is still uncertain because the virus is still present and there is a possibility of local transmission, i.e. the possibility of people getting sick,” said Tiodorović, arguing that the assessment that the virus has weakened is wrong.

As he explained, the virus is only less present because there are fewer people who can spread it.

“The new clinical centre in Niš has 738 free beds and only 13 COVID-19 positive patients. More than 70 patients have been returned to the old people’s home, which is good news,” said Tiodorović.

As he said, there have been fewer people tested positive to the virus and the goal is for that number to fall below 5%. In Niš, for instance, the percentage ranges from 2.5% to 3.2%.

“We want no positive cases for 28 days. In the last two days, a large part of the population has not behaved responsibly and has not complied with the planned measures. We have relaxed too much and in the next 7-10 days, we are going to see the consequences of this,” Tiodrović said yesterday.

He underlined that, out of the total number of patients, 30% are under 60 years of age.

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According to Tiodrović, the Clinical Centre in Niš will soon be able to return to its normal functioning.

Currently, there is one outbreak in Leskovac, with 52 workers from the YURA factory testing positive.

The epidemiologist concluded that it is still mandatory to wear masks, while gloves should be used only in certain situations, at shops and outdoor markets.

(Nova, 10.05.2020)


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