Tiodorović: “Measures will become more lax when the number of infected drops to below 1,000 per day.”

Epidemiologist and member of the government’s Crisis Task Force, Dr Branislav Tiodorović, said that the relaxation of anti-pandemic measures could occur when the daily number of infected people drops below 1,000.

There are currently between 1,600 and 2,000 people infected daily in Serbia, and Dr Tiodorović assesses that the number is still high and that the current situation can be called “bad but stable,” Beta news agency reports.

“The decline is much slower than we expected; we did quite well during the vacations, but there is no significant drop and if we gave in now, it would be risky,” Tiodorović said.

As he added, the match between FC Red Star and AC Milan would be “a great risk in terms of the increase of cases” if fans attend that event.

According to him, a relaxation of measures is desirable for economic reasons, but it would jeopardize the current epidemiological situation. Although working hours of restaurants and cafes are limited, people are still not wearing masks indoors or keeping an appropriate physical distance.

(Politika, 08.02.2021)



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