Tickets for charter flights more expensive due to increase in fuel price

The news that tourists have to pay up to 70 euros per person more for their vacation already paid for last year has shocked Serbian travellers, who received this news just days before departure. The increase in the price of tickets for charter flights is apparently due to higher fuel prices.

If you have purchased a ticket for a charter flight last year, then its price should have been determined by the price of fuel at the time of the ticket purchase. Aleksandar Seničić, director of the National Association of Serbian Travel Agencies (YUTA), says for Blic daily that the price increases are due to the ever-growing fuel prices.

“It all depends on the destination, the airline and the time, the date of departure; the surcharges range from 15 to 70 euros. The airlines cannot tell us much in advance at what price they will buy fuel, but they can only inform us three or four days before departure. Since the prices have been going up on a daily basis, they cannot know in advance what price they will buy fuel at, and fuel costs contribute up to 40 percent compared to the price of aircraft rental or airline tickets. Such situation is a consequence of the crisis in Ukraine and in general, the growing price of crude oil derivatives,” Seničić added.

If the total price of a holiday is, say, 700 euros per person, it can go up in the end by 56 euros, whether the passenger agrees or not. If the passenger decides not to travel, he or she will pay penalties. If the price goes up more than 8 percent, the passenger has the option to say they are not okay with it and ask for a refund, and the travel agency, in that case, is obligated to make a refund within 15 days.

“In the case of the fuel surcharge, passengers, unfortunately, don’t have much choice. That does not depend on us or them,” Senčić explains and adds that passengers who cancel their trip should think of the cancellation costs, since penalties for cancellation a few days before departure go up to 80 percent of the total sum paid.

(Blic, 10.05.2022)


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