Tickets for Belgrade-Novi Sad fast train to cost 300 dinars in May too

“The promotional period during which the ticket price for the Belgrade-Novi Sad fast train has been 300 dinars per person will extend to May, although it is unrealistic that it will remain so forever,” said Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Tomislav Momirovic.

The Minister underlined that the low-price policy will continue even after the promotional period and that the current price is valid for the Belgrade-Novi Sad line for the 58-minute-commute between the two cities, while the ticket price of the other Belgrade-Novi Sad train lines will remain upwards of 1,000 dinars.

“I am happy that so many people have found the time to travel on the new railway and the ultra-modern train. So far, 250,000 passengers used the train. Also, we have decided to increase the number of departures to 16 per day. This is extremely important because over 150 companies have participated in the construction of this high-speed railway, 120 of which are Serbian. The utilized technology is completely new. Also, over 10,000 people have participated in the overhaul of the railway,” the Minister added.

(Kamatica, 28.04.2022)


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