Thumbay Group from UAE to open medical university in Serbia

Thumbay Group, the biggest company in the healthcare service and education business in the United Arab Emirates, will invest more than 250 million euro in the establishment of a new medical university in Serbia and the construction of a student campus and a clinic- the Ministry of Education of Serbia announced.

The group plans to employ around 5,000 people in Serbia to work at the Gulf Medical University and the Thumbay Hospital and this would include technical staff, medical nurses and various medical specialists.

Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development, Mladen Sarcevic announced a meeting with the Group at which the location for the construction of this medical complex would be discussed.

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He said that the campus would feature the new university, the clinic and accommodation units for students and that the university would have several study programmes, also suitable for foreign students.

The project, which the ministry had launched with the Thumbay Group a year ago, was made official with the signing of several memoranda during the recent visit of Minister Sarcevic and representatives of the United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Health.

In the first project phase, the Thumbay Group would use the hospitals of the Belgrade Clinical Centre and the Medical Faculty in Belgrade as education bases, and in the second phase, they would start building their own clinic, Sarcevic explained.

The minister pointed out that the arrival of Thumbay Group to Serbia was a great opportunity for young experts from Serbia to find jobs at the new university.

According to him, their salaries would be excellent, which would motivate them to stay in the country and develop their careers, plus the project will improve the quality of healthcare in Serbia.

Sarcevic added that Thumbay Group had several clinics with university centres in the UAE, India and South Africa.

Thumbay Group is known for its innovative approach to medicine, both in medical education and treatment methods, Sarcevic pointed out and added that Serbia was the first country in Europe that the Group invested in.

(RTV, 04.11.2018)

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