Three Serbian cheeses among the best cheeses in the world

The TasteAtlas website has compiled a list of the 670 best kinds of cheese in the world which also includes three kinds of cheese from Serbia – Miročki, Pule and Šarski.

Miročki cheese, which comes from the Miroč Mountain and is produced only in the Djerdap area, is considered to be the closest relative of the famous ‘halloumi’ cheese. It is made from whole cow’s milk and sometimes from a combination of cow’s milk and sheep’s milk. The cheese is simple to make, and its unique taste best comes through when it is first grilled and then immersed in salt water.

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Miročki cheese is considered a top delicacy. When grilled, it forms a crisp coat, while the inside of the cheese doesn’t melt and remains soft. It goes perfectly with cherry tomatoes, honey, white wine and salad.

Pule cheese, which comes from the Zasavica National Park, is considered one of the most expensive cheeses in the world and is made with donkey’s milk, which is why it is truly unique and rare. It takes 25 litres of milk to make 1kg of cheese and the donkey can only produce 200ml of milk per day per milking. That’s why it is milked three times a day.

This cheese has only 1% fat and also has anti-allergic properties. A kilogramme of this cheese usually costs around 1,000 euro, but can also reach prices between 3,000 and 5,000 euro.

The third cheese on this list is the famous Šarski cheese, which comes from Kosovo and Metohija, more precisely from the Šar Mountain.

(eKapija, 28.07.2019)




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