Three reasons why Vučić is in a rush to form a new government

If President Aleksandar Vučić is to be believed, the National Assembly will be constituted in January, while the new Serbian government may be formed in February.

Just two months after the elections, Serbia will receive a new executive and legislative power, which, compared to some earlier elections, is too fast a deadline for the formation of the Government and the Assembly.

Political analysts say that the reasons for such a fast formation of both state bodies is that the SNS wants to push aside election irregularities and expedite the agreement with Priština which cannot be done without a new government.

If we draw a parallel with last year’s elections, when the announcement of the final election results was delayed for weeks, the current situation is significantly different. The government is rapidly proceeding with the process of ending the electoral process, and part of the reason lies in the fact that the justified suspicion of the opposition, non-governmental organizations and international actors that the elections in Serbia were unfair and illegitimate would be ended as soon as possible.

For political scientist Aleksandar Ivković, this is the key reason for the constitution of the Parliament in January and the rapid formation of the Government.

“The current regime needs to settle the dust after the elections as soon as possible. We see the opposition contesting the results of the elections, primarily in Belgrade, and we also see requests from abroad to investigate all irregularities. I would say that the SNS wants to put an end to these issues by relatively quickly entering the process of forming the Government,” explains Ivković.

He notes that this way, among other things, the ball will be in the opposition’s court which now has to decide what will their position be regarding the convocation of the new parliament, that is, whether they will boycott it or not.

“In this way, attention is also diverted from the protests about election irregularities. By doing so, the SNS sends a message to their voters that everything in the country is stable and regular and that they have complete control over the situation, which is important for retaining their support”, says Ivković.

Miloš Pavković from the Center for European Policies (CEP) claims that it comes as a big surprise that the Government is being formed quickly, which he interprets as an obvious need to fulfill a certain agenda.

“One of the factors that lead to the rapid formation of the Government is the issue of the normalization of relations with Priština. Somehow, the decision to recognize the Kosovo vehicle license plates was a shortcut and some parts of the Serbian authorities want Serbia to implement the Ohrid Agreement. Only the new government has legality and legitimacy to make such decisions”, explains Pavković and adds that both Brussels and Washington expect the continuation of the implementation of the Ohrid agreement.

(, 04.01.2024)

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