Three parties unite in the Democratic Party

Three political parties have announced their unification under the umbrella of the Democratic Party and the slogan “Democrats Together!”, as confirmed by their respective leaders Nebojsa Zelenovic, Aleksandar Ivanovic and Zoran Lutovac.

The head of the Democratic Party, Zoran Lutovac invited the Together for Serbia (ZZS) party and Social-Democratic Party (SDS) to joint and form a strong political organization to fight for core changes in Serbia and for European values. “Our goal is to form a strong Democratic Party”, Lutovac said.

He also said that the common goal of the three parties is also to fight against lies and tyranny, for freedom and democracy and for those who couldn’t fight for themselves.

Lutovac added the greatest possible gathering of joint opposition forces was needed which would ensure free media coverage and fair elections, and then proceed to the formation of a transitional government, but that it was also necessary to create a strong political organization that would uphold the ideas of modern social democracy.

President of the Together for Serbia party and Mayor of Sabac, Nebojsa Zelenovic, said that from now on, his party, the Democratic Party and the Social Democratic Party would embark on a new, joint political life.

“Our goal is to unite and become one big and strong democratic party that will seek and receive a mandate from the citizens of Serbia to transform our country into a modern and strong state where people will live well,” said Zelenovic.

Aleksandar Ivanovic from the Social Democratic Party said that the fact that the three parties go together showed that they were ready to overcome differences and respond to challenges. He said that those differences set the Democrats apart from most of the parties in Serbia and that rejecting the differences was more something that the ruling regime would do.

He also said that the values of the Democrats went against single-mindedness while underlying that they were a party of the left centre that stood for pluralism and independent and strong institutions. “I am convinced that we have an opportunity to bring a change to Serbia that is needed,” Ivanovic said.

(, 19.05.2019)


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