Three more University of Belgrade faculties abolish entrance exam

Following in the footsteps of the University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Law, three other faculties have abolished entrance exams with the state matriculation exam being the only requirement for enrollment as of next school year.

The Faculty of Forestry, the Faculty of Biology and the Faculty of Geography have decided that, from the 2024/2025 school year, there will be no need for students to pass their entrance exam to study at these faculties.

The Faculty of Forestry’s dean’s office said that the key reason for cancelling the entrance exam is the decrease in the number of students enrolled in most study programmes and the fear that the entrance exam would have a stronger negative impact on future students.

Two more faculties – the Faculty of Pedagogy and the Faculty of Political Sciences – are waiting for their respective councils to decide on the abolition of entrance exams, while the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education have decided to keep passing entrance exams as an enrollment requirement.

(Sputnik, 07.04.2023)

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